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About us

Founded in 2023 by Bilal Zagaoui and Vincent Poetzsch, Blink Media is a digital creative agency specializing in high-impact event photography and videography optimized for social media. We help brands translate their vision into captivating content that connects with audiences.

Our expertise lies in understanding the ever-evolving social media landscape. Years of experience allow us to deliver the right formats and visuals at the perfect moment to showcase your events, products, and talent authentically.

For seamless execution, we leverage a global network of skilled creators, influencers, photographers, videographers, and editors in major cities like Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, and Dubai.

We excel in near real-time content editing, ensuring your message stays relevant and impactful in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Who is Vincent?

Born and raised in Germany, Vincent’s lifelong passion for photography and videography fuels his ability to capture fleeting moments, emotions, and stories. Collaborations with global brands like Porsche, GQ, Pomellato, and Bentley Berlin have honed his craft across diverse genres.

Vincent’s work with Hollywood stars and athletes has given him unique insight into translating personalities and achievements into powerful visuals. His portfolio showcases visually stunning storytelling, blending artistry with marketing savvy to elevate brands and connect deeply with audiences.

Vincent is driven to innovate in visual storytelling, helping brands find their authentic voice. His expertise in crafting compelling narratives makes him a sought-after partner for businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Who is Bilal?

Bilal is a self-taught content creator, born in France and living in Germany since 2019. His affinity with photography started while working at adidas headquarters, where he was presented with so many opportunities to capture Behind the Scenes and document his experience at the major sports brand headquarters. Even though his German is taking the long route he still manages to work locally and worldwide to deliver stunning imagery for high profile clients such as Boss, Mercedes AMG, Ein Herz fur Kinder, NFL, 25 hours Hotel to name a few. 

With a particular affinity to capture authentic and off guard portraiture of celebrities, he’s familiar with the fashion industry and knows how to make the most out of any situation while dealing with the pressure and the stress of short delivery timelines.

Even though bringing brand’s vision to reality is at the core of his vision, Bilal also creates for himself in different forms. From self funded personal projects, weddings, hospitality, he dedicates an important part of his schedule to maintain an active audience on his Instagram channel to help other creators bring their creative thoughts to the business scene. 

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